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Shared EV Solution


  • EV rental service gives me the freedom to go where I want when I want. 

    "My first experience with EV rental service was when I relocated to the city centre after finish my studies. I had rented the EV for the whole day and could move all my belongings to my new apartment at a super affordable price. Since then, I have regularly rented the EV to get out of the city during weekends." 

    TRIIN, Helsinki

  • EV is perfect for the city. Zero-emission, silent and easy to drive. 

    ”I got excited about EVs already during my first test-drive. I am very happy that EkoRent is bringing EV rental service to Finland. The large navigation dashboard, clear guidelines for getting to the nearest charging station and information on driving range make the driving experience truly careless.  Definitely a service worth recommending!”

    LAURI, Espoo

  • EkoRent electric cars perform in any weather!

    I used EkoRent’s electric car for the first time when I needed to get from Tapiola to Bodom Manor for a Xmas party. It was the first real blizzard of the winter. I felt nervous about driving in a dark to an unfamiliar place as the visibility was only about ten meters. To my surprise the car had no problem staying on its course and swept almost silently forward. I had never before driven an electric car and it felt magical. The car navigator guided me easily and accurately to the selected destination address. In the yard of the manor I had to park in deep snow which was not a challenge for this car. At the end of the night I decided to return the car to Ruoholahti instead of Tapiola since that service point is closer to where I live.

    HANNA, Helsinki