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Shared EV Solution

Shared electric vehicle solution

Affordable and effective mobility solution for communities

Electric vehicle sharing service is an eco-friendly, social and affordable way of enabling car-based transport in different communities, such as housing communities and at public and private sector offices. Our service is all-inclusive, and covers, among other things, electric vehicles, compatible charging stations, 24/7 customer support, EkoRent mobile application for opening and closing car door locks, and car maintenance and cleaning.

What our customers are saying:

LähiTapiola, Suurpelto, Espoo

Setlementtiasunnot, Malmi, Helsinki

"Our vision at Setlementtiasunnot Oy is to be a international pioneer in building societally impactful, communal multi-generation apartment blocks. Renewable energy sources such as solar electricity and eco-friendly mobility services such as shared electric vehicles are a central element in the forward-looking operations of all our housing projects."
- Kimmo Rönkä, CEO, Setlementtiasunnot Oy

Video about solar electric shared vehicle at Malmi

We offer shared vehicle services in two different formats:

1. For housing communities and public sector

  • Service available for residents/employees 24/7
  • User pays according to use
  • Housing community or organization pays a monthly fee. The higher the usage rate, the lower the fee.
  • Opening up the service for outside use raises usage rate and lowers the monthly fee


Save over 50 000 euros per parking spot in new projects!

2. For companies

  • Service available for employees 24/7
  • Usage free-of-charge for employees during working hours
  • Company pays a monthly fee. The higher the usage rate, the lower the fee.
  • Opening up the service for outside use raises usage rate and lower the monthly fee
  • Outside working hours, user pays according to use

All-inclusive service

  • Electric vehicles and compatible, optimized charging stations with installation
  • Easy-to-use and handy EkoRent application for renting and using the vehicles
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Car wash, tire change and annual maintenance
  • Usage reports at user and vehicle level for taxation and developing the service
  • Live training session for using the service and manuals

Vehicle sharing reduces unnecessary private vehicles

In our 2017 survey for our shared vehicle users, we found out that:

  • number of privately-owned vehicles reduced 48 % after joining the service
  • almost 80 % felt less need to own a car
  • vehicles being emission-free mattered to 86 % of the correspondents

According to the Youth barometer 2016, 51 % of the correspondents agrees with the statement: "I could replace owning a car with a shared car"

If you want to learn more on how to save both money and the environment with EkoRent shared electric vehicles, contact us!
+358 400 263 960