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Shared EV Solution

Shared electric vehicle solution

Affordable and effective transportation solution for communities

EkoRent shared vehicles service is a solution for communities wanting to offer their members access to clean and affordable cars.

The service is ideal for communities such as corporations and housing companies. It saves both money and the environment and rewards its users with a good feeling!

The community pays a monthly fee and the members according to use. In our Risk & revenue sharing-model this monthly fee is the lower the more the vehicle is used!

In our 2017 survey for our shared vehicle users, we found out that:

  1. number of privately-owned vehicles reduced 48 % after joining the service
  2. almost 80 % felt less need to own a car
  3. vehicles being emission-free mattered to 86 % of the correspondents

According to the Youth barometer 2016, 51 % of the correspondents agrees with the statement: "I could replace owning a car with a shared car"

All-inclusive service

Shared electric vehicles are easy and fun to use and they are quick to set-up. Our service includes everything from the electric cars and charging stations to live instruction sessions. The user doesn't need to worry about maintenance or changing of tires. Even car cleaning and car washing is included in the service.

  • Easy-to-use and handy EkoRent application for booking the vehicles and operating their door locks
  • Electric cars and compatible charging stations and their installation
  • Live instruction session and manuals
  • 24/7 roadside assistance service
  • Tire changes, car washes, and annual maintenance check-ups
  • Monthly and annual usage reports at the vehicle and user level

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A shared electric vehicle reduces emissions from transportation and improves the quality of city air.

EkoRent shared vehicles save money compared to privately-owned cars and reward their user with a good feeling.

If you want to more on how to save both money and the environment with EkoRent shared electric vehicles, contact us!
+358 400 263 960