Energy and Mobility Revolution

The cost of solar electricity has dropped by 99%!

Solar panel technology has rapidly evolved from a small-scale ”hobby” to an economical form of energy production to be reckoned with. In a recent article by Helsingin Sanomat they state that, during the last 40 years, the cost of solar electricity production has dropped by 99%!

However, in Finland many corporations and housing companies are still skeptical regarding investing to solar electricity, despite the fact that solar electricity is a reliable energy source and the required equipment can be obtained from tens of companies in the metropolitan Helsinki region. Consumers, on the other hand, are more ready to transition to clean energy, and according to a survey by Finnish Energy, almost 90% of Finns want to see more solar electricity production in Finland.

EkoRent’s service portfolio has been built while acknowledging that modern urban citizens, who are well aware of new technologies and services, do not want to pay for owning, but instead for using. One of our main goals is to reduce the number of expensive and inefficient privately-owned cars in cities, and our shared electric vehicle service has succeeded in this very well:

In a survey for our shared EV users, we found that the total number of cars owned by the respondents dropped almost by half after joining our service! In addition, almost 80% reported that they experience less need to obtain a private car after joining our service. Clearly, our shared EVs have delivered what the residents are looking for!For a long time and every time we get the chance, we have talked about the great synergy between solar electricity and shared EVs. With this synergy, a solar electric power plant could be built in a new block of flats free-of-charge in the best scenario, by changing development plans. Current regulations set a lower limit to the number of parking spots for each new block of flats. If this lower limit could be renegotiated in projects where residents are offered a shared EV service, the project developer would save hundreds of thousands of euros.

These savings would lower development cost and thus, housing rents, and make it possible to offer the residents a variety of services. Shared EV service would also bring savings to residents, who can sell their secondary or even their primary car, and enable low-cost and local energy production directly from their own rooftop.

EkoRent’s shared EV in Setlementtiasunnot’s Malmi block of flats is currently being charged using the 40-kilowatt solar electric power plant located on the rooftop. The Malmi block of flats is realizing the Living as a Service-concept by Setlementtiasunnot, which displays a great example in how urban living can be improved with help of services.

EkoRent’s shared EV service enables clean and affordable transportation when the residents need it, all the while utilizing locally produced electricity. We hope to see this model spreading to many other housing projects and office buildings!

With sunny regards,
Juuso & Juha