End of service in Finland

Dear EkoRent customer and partners,

EkoRent shared vehicle shave been available for rent since December 2014. In Summer 2018 we made a difficult decision to close public service stations and focus entirely on housing companies.

In housing companies, our electric vehicles have been popular and every single vehicle has generated profit. However, the growth of our operations and our volumes have not reached expected levels, and sales cycle from making a contract to delivering the car(s) can be even 3 years.

In a small startup company, there is a constant shortage of resources and for this reason, our board has decided to focus our business entirely to growing economies, especially Africa. In the future, we will put all our resources in the Nopia Ride-service launched in Nairobi, Kenya. Our main goal is to increase the service’s usage rate and increase the number of vehicles and service stations. When this is reached, we will replicate the service in other similar cities in Africa, and possibly other continents.

We thank you for these years, your valuable feedback, and that you’ve believed in EkoRent by being our active customers.

Thanks everyone and have a great year!

For existing account-related issues, please contact us at info@ekorent.fi