End of service in Finland

Dear EkoRent customer and partners,

EkoRent shared vehicle shave been available for rent since December 2014. In Summer 2018 we made a difficult decision to close public service stations and focus entirely on housing companies.

In housing companies, our electric vehicles have been popular and every single vehicle has generated profit. However, the growth of our operations and our volumes have not reached expected levels, and sales cycle from making a contract to delivering the car(s) can be even 3 years.

In a small startup company, there is a constant shortage of resources and for this reason, our board has decided to focus our business entirely to growing economies, especially Africa. In the future, we will put all our resources in the Nopia Ride-service launched in Nairobi, Kenya. Our main goal is to increase the service’s usage rate and increase the number of vehicles and service stations. When this is reached, we will replicate the service in other similar cities in Africa, and possibly other continents.

We thank you for these years, your valuable feedback, and that you’ve believed in EkoRent by being our active customers.

Thanks everyone and have a great year!

For existing account-related issues, please contact us at info@ekorent.fi

Our new and improved shared vehicle service

EkoRent 2.0

EkoRent was the first company in Finland to launch an all-electric vehicle service in December 2014. After that we have received a lot of positive feedback, but also good comments on how to make our service even more customer-friendly. EkoRent 2.0 is now ready and contains the following improvements:

  • Thanks to our calendar booking system, you can book cars beforehand. You no longer have to rent the vehicle for 1 hour at time, but instead in 15-minute cycles.
  • With the estimated kilometres-slider you can easily announce the required level of charge for your rental session.
  • Visiting Nuuksio, Lapland or underground parking garages is no longer an issue. You will receive the car keys from a lockbox located at the car’s service station, and no longer need to worry about the status of the mobile network.
  • Pricing has been streamlined. We no longer charge any kilometre fees, but instead the price of your rental session is determined by the length of your booking.
  • No surprises in the price. You will always see the final price of your rental session before you confirm your booking.

Easy way for our partners to offer electric car service

We deliver EkoRent electric vehicles and related services. As a partner, you don’t need to concern yourself with anything related to the car, but instead we will take care of annual maintenance, tyre change, car wash and 24/7 road safety service. We also offer EkoRent phone support, training sessions and manuals so you can always count on help being readily available.

How do I use the car in the 2.0 service model?

You can register as EkoRent 2.0 user at varaa.ekorent.fi. Booking calendar shows when vehicles are available for booking and creating a new booking is very straightforward. When you arrive to pick up the car, you will receive car keys from a keybox in exchange for a keycode, and then you’re ready to go. Depending on the car model, you can drive up to 300 km with a single charge (according to car’s manufacturer). You will get the most out of the car’s battery by driving at speed of less than 90 kmph.

Service fees and transferring balance from EkoRent 1.0 accounts

Depending on time of day, weekday and car model, rental fees will start at 5 €/hour and 48 €/day. You will always see the final price of your rental session before you confirm your booking.

If you have unused positive balance on your old EkoRent account, we will transfer that balance to your new EkoRent 2.0 account. If this applies to you, please contact our customer support at info@ekorent.fi.

Wishing you a happy summer,
EkoRent team

Landmark development as first full electric mobility company launches in Nairobi

Nopia Branding

Finnish Company EkoRent launches Nopia Ride-service in Nairobi. The launch signals the first time electric rides are available in East Africa for commercial use.

Nairobi, August 9 th , 2018: EkoRent, a leading Finnish electric mobility company operating under local name EkoRent Africa, has today announced the launch of Nopia Ride, the first ever full electric mobility service in East Africa.

In the first phase of the investment program, the company has kickstarted operations that are set to see the number of electric vehicles increase to several hundred by the end of the year. These vehicles can be easily charged around Nairobi in several conveniently located Nopia Charging Bays. Nopia vehicles are easy to locate and book using Nopia mobile app now available for download. By tapping pick-up and destination point the app shows the estimated price for your ride. Besides cash, the trip can easily be paid using embedded M-Pesa Xpress functionality. Continue reading “Landmark development as first full electric mobility company launches in Nairobi”

This year Santa rides an EV!

Stop wondering what to give your friends and family this Xmas

The coolest and most ecological gift you can give is an EkoRent Electric Vehicle rental time voucher. Order your voucher from myynti@ekorent.fi today. Select your gift value from below, send us an email, and we’ll guide you further on how to surprise your friends and family!

1. Voucher A, value of 60 euros, price 50 euros.
2. Voucher B, value of 120 euros, price 95 euros.
3. Voucher C, value of 200 euros, price 150 euros.

Merry Xmas!

Fleet Innovation and EkoRent sign a contract

New service couples EVs, company cars, and sharing economy!

In the new model a company leases a shared electric vehicle for the employees. The novel feature is that, outside working hours, the same car can be rented by employees and optionally anyone else outside the company.

The starting point for EkoRent services has always been that growing number of city residents do not want to pay for ownership, but for usage of a car. One of our main goals is to reduce expensive and inefficient privately owned vehicles and our car sharing service for housing communities has succeeded in this excellently. Together with Fleet Innovation we can now offer car sharing services to companies country-wide, while reducing their total cost of vehicle leasing.

Sharing is economically efficient. When a single shared vehicle replaces 3 company cars along with their parking space (in some estimates even 15 owned vehicles can be replaced), monthly savings are already a couple thousand euros. And the more the car is rented outside working hours, the more economical the service is for the partner.

”Especially in larger cities one can already see a change in attitude towards owning cars. Car sharing can even be comparable to what AirBnB did for accommodation business”, pictures Sakari Viitanen, the CEO of Fleet Innovation.

Is your organization interested in saving in car leasing costs and ordering a sharing economy-based electric car for your employees? Contact us and let us help you to do that!

Energy and Mobility Revolution

The cost of solar electricity has dropped by 99%!

Solar panel technology has rapidly evolved from a small-scale ”hobby” to an economical form of energy production to be reckoned with. In a recent article by Helsingin Sanomat they state that, during the last 40 years, the cost of solar electricity production has dropped by 99%!

However, in Finland many corporations and housing companies are still skeptical regarding investing to solar electricity, despite the fact that solar electricity is a reliable energy source and the required equipment can be obtained from tens of companies in the metropolitan Helsinki region. Consumers, on the other hand, are more ready to transition to clean energy, and according to a survey by Finnish Energy, almost 90% of Finns want to see more solar electricity production in Finland.

EkoRent’s service portfolio has been built while acknowledging that modern urban citizens, who are well aware of new technologies and services, do not want to pay for owning, but instead for using. One of our main goals is to reduce the number of expensive and inefficient privately-owned cars in cities, and our shared electric vehicle service has succeeded in this very well:

In a survey for our shared EV users, we found that the total number of cars owned by the respondents dropped almost by half after joining our service! In addition, almost 80% reported that they experience less need to obtain a private car after joining our service. Clearly, our shared EVs have delivered what the residents are looking for!For a long time and every time we get the chance, we have talked about the great synergy between solar electricity and shared EVs. With this synergy, a solar electric power plant could be built in a new block of flats free-of-charge in the best scenario, by changing development plans. Current regulations set a lower limit to the number of parking spots for each new block of flats. If this lower limit could be renegotiated in projects where residents are offered a shared EV service, the project developer would save hundreds of thousands of euros.

These savings would lower development cost and thus, housing rents, and make it possible to offer the residents a variety of services. Shared EV service would also bring savings to residents, who can sell their secondary or even their primary car, and enable low-cost and local energy production directly from their own rooftop.

EkoRent’s shared EV in Setlementtiasunnot’s Malmi block of flats is currently being charged using the 40-kilowatt solar electric power plant located on the rooftop. The Malmi block of flats is realizing the Living as a Service-concept by Setlementtiasunnot, which displays a great example in how urban living can be improved with help of services.

EkoRent’s shared EV service enables clean and affordable transportation when the residents need it, all the while utilizing locally produced electricity. We hope to see this model spreading to many other housing projects and office buildings!

With sunny regards,
Juuso & Juha

Shared Electric Vehicle service to Tampere!

EkoRent and community builder Setlementtiasunnot Oy have agreed to bring the shared electric vehicle service to Härmälänranta, Tampere. The housing block under construction will promote human-centric city planning, more communal living, as well as eco-friendly and sustainable transportation.

Shared electric vehicle service enables more affordable living, since the expensive car parking spots are utilized more efficiently. In the shared resident spaces of Härmälänranta there are many possibilities for common activities and the new shared electric vehicles will allow putting the needs of the residents at the forefront. Saving in the parking construction costs enables residents to meet each other and socialize around the shared services offered to all residents.

We are very happy that Setlementtiasunnot Oy selected the EkoRent service and sets a pioneering example in how sustainable city living is developed. We hope that private car-reducing effects of shared vehicles continue to be considered in the planning of new residential buildings. In our opinion, city living would be best served if city plans encouraged zero-emission transportation. This would develop both living and transportation into an energy efficient and sustainable direction.

Area residents will get access to the EkoRent service after the Härmälänranta block constuction is complete, estimated by the end of 2018.

With sunny regards,

Early bird gets the Electric Vehicle!

EkoRent EV prices starting only 5 €/hour, or under 7 cents / minute!


B-package holders: Morning hours from Monday to Thursday between 7:00-12:00 only 5 euros / hour.

A-package holders: Morning hours from Monday to Thursday between 7:00-12:00 only 7 euros / hour.

Solar-powered shared Electric Vehicle service to Malmi!

First in the world to Malmi!

EkoRent and Setlementtiasunnot Oy have agreed to implement a solar-powered shared electric vehicle service at Malmi Helsinki, Piilikuja 1-3. The 40-kilowatt solar electric power plant on the roof will produce around 32 000 kWh annually, which is plenty of electricity for both the EkoRent shared vehicle service, and the apartment complex itself.

The residents in the Malmi rental apartment complex are, to our knowledge, the first in the world to be able to drive self-sufficiently with a solar-powered electric shared car owned by their housing company. The service opens in June.

We are delighted about Setlementtiasunnot selecting EkoRent and leading by example in developing sustainable city living. Shared electric vehicles and locally-produced solar electricity are an efficient and eco-friendly solution to reduce the number of private cars in cities, says Juha Suojanen from EkoRent. 

Solar electricity and electric vehicles complement each other well, and what is the best, they can be implemented free-of-cost by changing city planning. Earlier this Spring we conducted a study amongst EkoRent service users, and we found out that shared electric vehicles reduced private vehicles by 48%

Our vision at Setlementtiasunnot Oy is to become a global pioneer in society-impacting multi-generation apartment complex blocks. Renewable energy sources such as solar electricity, combined with eco-friendly mobility services are a central element in our forward-thinking business in all our apartment projects, says Kimmo Rönkä from Setlementtiasunnot.

Sunny Greetings!