EkoRent Finland was founded in Helsinki in March 2014. EkoRent was the first company in Finland to offer hourly-based rental of fully electric vehicles for companies and private customers.

EkoRent Africa Ltd., founded in 2017, opened an all-electric taxi service NopeaRide in Nairobi in August 2018.

Based on our experiences in Nairobi and the market potential in Africa, in summer 2019 we decided to shift the focus of our operations to outside of Finland and concentrate on solving the traffic problems in rapidly developing African cities.

Our goal is to provide clean mobility to even more Nairobians and replicate the Nopea Ride service in other rapidly growing cities that struggle with traffic congestion and pollution.


  • Over 10 years of experience (combined) on running an EV business
  • Practical and scientific knowledge of charging stations, EV batteries and renewable energy
  • Practical and scientific knowledge on EV charging requirements
  • Experience in user-level GPS data allowing network optimization and operational efficiency
  • First and only company with practical experience in EV business operations in East Africa region

Juha Suojanen

CEO, Founder

Before founding EkoRent, Juha worked for Nokia in product and technology management, and in technology sales positions. He holds two international patents related to handling data traffic optimally in mobile networks.

Dr. Juuso Lindgren


Juuso holds a PhD in energy sciences with his doctoral thesis titled 'Charging of plug-in EV fleets in urban environment'. He has a background in research, energy systems, simulations and profitability analysis.

Juuso is interested in all manner of new technologies, believing that world's problems can be fixed with science.