Frequently asked questions

Using the car

How do I register as a user?

You can register at varaa.ekorent.fi.

How do I book a car?

After registering, you can book a car at varaa.ekorent.fi. You can either select a car directly from the map or from the car list, or search for a suitable car based on the time of your booking.

If you select a car directly from the map or from the car list

  • Select the estimated kilometres using the slider
  • Select a car and open the car’s booking calendar
  • Mark the starting and ending times for your booking in the calendar
  • Press “Choose”
  • Check your booking information and price
  • Press “Rent”
  • When there’s less than 5 minutes to the start of your booked rental session, you can begin the rental session starting process. During the process, you will receive a keycode for opening the keybox which contains the car keys.

If you search for a car based on the time of the booking

  • Enter starting and ending times for your booking using the search form
  • Select the estimated kilometres using the slider
  • Map view and car list will automatically update based on the information given
  • Select a car from the map view or from the car list
  • You will see your booking in the booking calendar. Press “Choose”
  • Check your booking information and price
  • Press “Rent”
  • When there’s less than 5 minutes to the start of your booked rental session, you can begin the rental session starting process. During the process, you will receive a keycode for opening the keybox which contains the car keys.

How and when will I receive the car keys?

You will receive car keys from a keybox located at the car’s service station. To open the keybox, you need a keycode, which you will receive during the rental session start process. You can access the start process when there’s less than 5 minutes to the start of your booked rental session.

What is the range of the vehicles?

EkoRent rental fleet consists of Nissan Leaf all-electric vehicles. The range of the Leaf’s new version is around 280 km in urban environment.

When driving on the highway, the range is reduced due to higher power consumption. Along with driving speed, the range is affected by air conditioning, outdoor temperature and the use of Leaf’s own ECO driving mode (see the next question).

How do I maximize my range?

  1. Activate the vehicle’s own ECO driving mode, which limits the power consumption of the vehicle. ECO mode is activated by pressing a button labeled ”ECO” on the right side of the steering wheel. When the ECO mode is active, the driver’s display shows an icon with the text ”ECO”.
  2. We recommend a maximum speed of 90 km/h for driving on the highway.
  3. Make sure the vehicle is at around room temperature before departure. If the vehicle’s battery is cold when departing, power losses are higher and the range is significantly reduced.
  4. Deactivate air conditioning (A/C) using the button on the main control console labeled ”A/C”. The electric car uses the same battery for both air conditioning and driving.

How do I drive long distances (over 200 km)?

Driving long distances with an electric car is certainly possible, but requires a little preparation.

  • Familiarize yourself with the methods to maximize your range (see the previous question).
  • Find out beforehand where fast and rapid charging is possible along the route, because charging from an ordinary household electric socket can take hours. The locations of public charging stations can be found from the Sähköinenliikenne.fi-service, Fortum Charge & Drive-service and Tesla’s service. Even when charging at a rapid charging station, prepare to stop for around 30 minutes. Note that the use of non-EkoRent charging stations may involve registration and fees. The EkoRent Latauskortti located in the vehicle is only usable at EkoRent service stations.
  • If you are leaving in 1-2 weeks, we recommend that you order a free Fortum Charge & Drive-key for easy charging.
  • If you are stopping at a location with an ordinary household electricity socket, it is possible to charge the vehicle for example overnight at low cost. The car is connected to such socket using the cable located in the trunk. Note, however, that ordinary household sockets and car heater pole sockets should only be used for temporary electric vehicle charging.

We recommend that a new user first familiarizes themself with the vehicle in an urban environment, and then gradually moves towards long-distance driving.

Returning the car

Where do I return the car?

You must return the car to the same parking spot where you picked the car up from. You also need to connect the car for charging, lock the car doors and return the car keys to the keybox.

What if an EkoRent space is already taken?

If there is another car in EkoRent space please record the registration plate and inform us about it to our customer support at +358 400 263 960. We will contact the garage personnel and ask them to fix the problem.

What if the car is dirty?

The dirtiness from normal usage is OK. If you return the car considerably dirty we need to invoice you a 100 euros cleaning fee. If you mess up car interior significantly or damage it we will invoice you fully for the cleaning and repairing costs.

What if I leave something in the car or find items inside it?

If you forgot your belongings in the car, call us at +358 400 263 960. If you find an item in a car that does not belong to you, please place it in the glove compartment or trunk and give us a call at +358 400 263 960.

What if you get a ticket?

Call us at +358 400 263 960 or send email to info@ekorent.fi and let us know you got a ticket. We want to know the license plate of the vehicle, the date and time of the violation, and the type of violation (speeding, parking, etc.). This is the fastest and surest way to avoid unnecessary collection procedures.

Can I extend my rental session?

Unfortunately, extending the rental session is currently not possible.

What should I do if I know I will return the car late?

Notify us immediately about late returns at +358 400 263 960. If you do not notify us beforehand, the situation resembles a car theft scenario, and will cause a car theft alarm.

Membership and resigning

You can apply EkoRent membership if…

  • you are over 18 years old
  • you have a valid driving license, at least one year driving experience and you have accomplished all the license phases
  • you can control the car in a city in all weather conditions
  • you have a Visa or Mastercard credit card

How soon can I get my EkoRent membership?

If you fulfill all application requirements, you can get your membership and start renting our cars immediately after filling the registration form.

Can a company become an EkoRent member?

Yes, indeed. An EkoRent membership is a handy way to save company money compared to taxi or own company car. In addition, you make your accounting easier and get greener image to your company.

Can I become a member with a foreign driving license?

Yes, you can.

Can someone else drive the EkoRent car I am renting?

Car can be given only to another EkoRent member to drive it. If you let someone else drive the car you are still fully responsible for all the possible damage to the car or other parties. In addition, you may lose your membership.

How can I resign from EkoRent membership?

The notice period of resigning EkoRent membership is 3 months. If you would like to resign we would like to hear from you to learn more and further develop our service. You can resign by calling us (+358 400 263 960), with email (info@ekorent.fi ), or directly at our member pages with using your own username and password. You also need to pay all unsettled invoices from the contract period.

How can I add a new payment source?

  1. Log in to varaa.ekorent.fi
  2. Click on “Profile” in the top-right corner, and then “Change payment method”
  3. Follow the instructions on the page

Insurance and damages

What kind of insurance policy does EkoRent have?

EkoRent cars have a normal Finnish traffic insurance.

How big is my damage fee and when do I need to pay it?

EkoRent cars have damage fee up to 900 euros that is still smaller than average rental companies have. A damage fee apply in following cases:

  • To pay compensation for any damage that the car or its equipment has suffered during the rental period.
  • To reimburse the cost of any parts or extra equipment having disappeared from the car during the rental period.
  • To pay the daily fee indicated in the rental agreement for the out-of-service period due to the damage, however not for more than 10 days. The out-of-service period shall begin from the day when the damage occurred.

However, the damage fee shall not cover damage due to the following or to comparable reasons:

  • overloading
  • damage due to smoking or slashing
  • driving with empty tires
  • driving car without removing charging cable
  • damage from falling snow, if there is a warning sign (shoveling snow from roofs)
  • driving in spaces too narrow for the external dimensions of the car
  • driving outside roads, or in places not intended for car driving

Does my own car’s insurance also cover EkoRent cars?

No, it does not. In Finland, traffic and car insurances are vehicle-specific.

What happens if insurance is needed?

Basically there are two different scenarios:

  1. When the other party is responsible for the accident. Based on what you have reported and how police sees the situation the other party is responsible for the accident. I this case the damages are covered by the other party’s car and traffic insurance.
  2. If, however, the insurance company interprets you affected the accident or being at least partly responsible to the accident, you need to cover the damages to the upper limit of damage fee. More info on terms and conditions can be found from EkoRent net pages.

What if I disagree with the insurance company’s decision about the damage?

If you are dissatisfied with the decision of the insurance company you may appeal Accident Appeal Court with a written appeal. Nevertheless, we have to charge you for the damage fee, if the complaint that is being investigated is required of us.

What if the car develops a technical fault during my rental session?

EkoRent takes care on all technical faults that happen during the rental session and are not caused by your misusage or negligence. Provided that the error or fault is EkoRent’s responsibility, and if it is necessary to fix it to continue a journey, you can get the car repaired at the expense of EkoRent with cost of no more than 75 euros. However, you must inform EkoRent immediately when the error or fault appears and before the repairing at +358 400 263 960. To reimburse you we need to have documents on repair work performed and proof of payment sent to EkoRent to info@ekorent.fi. Please also include your personal info and bank account details to whom the payment is to be made.

Company and service

What is EkoRent?

EkoRent is the first rental company in Finland to offer affordable, easy-to-use and zero-emission short term car rental service with 100% all-electric fleet. Read more about our company here.

Why choose EkoRent?

Unique EkoRent software makes the service experience very user friendly. The software utilizes location information in showing the nearest car and clearly displays how much it can be driven in kilometers before the next recharge. Simple pricing model combined with a very attractive real usage based prices, enable acting sustainable now affordable to everyone. Hourly based rental price includes unlimited kilometers, insurance, charging and parking at vacant EkoRent service stations. You can use the car as long as you need without fear of penalty of late return like some other renting companies charge. If you cannot return your car to the garage at night before they close up you can “pause” the car and return it in the morning and you do not get additional cost during the paused night-time. If you drive with the car during the night-time you naturally pay for that usage with reasonable kilometer charge. You can use EkoRent service with good feeling knowing you have saved natural resources in form of renewable energy and saved raw-materials.

Why is EkoRent service zero-emission?

When you are driving with an electric car you are not creating any carbon dioxide or tailpipe emissions. As we are using electricity that is made without carbon based fuel whenever possible, the service is odorless and zero-emission.

How can EkoRent offer ecological service with so affordable prices?

In many cases ecological products are expensive due to the high planning, production and distribution costs. The affordable price of EkoRent’s product, short-term renting of electric cars, is based on the low cost of the maintenance of electric cars, high utilization of our fleet as well as the usage of IT, and light and efficient organization allowed by carefully selected partners. When you keep our cars tidy and use them as your own you can help us keeping the prices low also in the future.

EkoRent’s service is more ecological for quite a few reasons. First of all, EkoRent is using all-electric cars that have been designed to be ecological, e.g., by using recyclable materials.

Secondly, the sharing of a city car is minimizing tailpipe emissions, number of cars and congestion in the city, and frees parking lots for other use the citizens want like parks and play grounds.