Fleet Innovation and EkoRent sign a contract

New service couples EVs, company cars, and sharing economy!

In the new model a company leases a shared electric vehicle for the employees. The novel feature is that, outside working hours, the same car can be rented by employees and optionally anyone else outside the company.

The starting point for EkoRent services has always been that growing number of city residents do not want to pay for ownership, but for usage of a car. One of our main goals is to reduce expensive and inefficient privately owned vehicles and our car sharing service for housing communities has succeeded in this excellently. Together with Fleet Innovation we can now offer car sharing services to companies country-wide, while reducing their total cost of vehicle leasing.

Sharing is economically efficient. When a single shared vehicle replaces 3 company cars along with their parking space (in some estimates even 15 owned vehicles can be replaced), monthly savings are already a couple thousand euros. And the more the car is rented outside working hours, the more economical the service is for the partner.

”Especially in larger cities one can already see a change in attitude towards owning cars. Car sharing can even be comparable to what AirBnB did for accommodation business”, pictures Sakari Viitanen, the CEO of Fleet Innovation.

Is your organization interested in saving in car leasing costs and ordering a sharing economy-based electric car for your employees? Contact us and let us help you to do that!