Our new and improved shared vehicle service

EkoRent was the first company in Finland to launch an all-electric vehicle service in December 2014. After that we have received a lot of positive feedback, but also good comments on how to make our service even more customer-friendly. EkoRent 2.0 is now ready and contains the following improvements:

  • Thanks to our calendar booking system, you can book cars beforehand. You no longer have to rent the vehicle for 1 hour at time, but instead in 15-minute cycles.
  • With the estimated kilometres-slider you can easily announce the required level of charge for your rental session.
  • Visiting Nuuksio, Lapland or underground parking garages is no longer an issue. You will receive the car keys from a lockbox located at the car’s service station, and no longer need to worry about the status of the mobile network.
  • Pricing has been streamlined. We no longer charge any kilometre fees, but instead the price of your rental session is determined by the length of your booking.
  • No surprises in the price. You will always see the final price of your rental session before you confirm your booking.

Easy way for our partners to offer electric car service

We deliver EkoRent electric vehicles and related services. As a partner, you don’t need to concern yourself with anything related to the car, but instead we will take care of annual maintenance, tyre change, car wash and 24/7 road safety service. We also offer EkoRent phone support, training sessions and manuals so you can always count on help being readily available.

How do I use the car in the 2.0 service model?

You can register as EkoRent 2.0 user at varaa.ekorent.fi. Booking calendar shows when vehicles are available for booking and creating a new booking is very straightforward. When you arrive to pick up the car, you will receive car keys from a keybox in exchange for a keycode, and then you’re ready to go. Depending on the car model, you can drive up to 300 km with a single charge (according to car’s manufacturer). You will get the most out of the car’s battery by driving at speed of less than 90 kmph.

Service fees and transferring balance from EkoRent 1.0 accounts

Depending on time of day, weekday and car model, rental fees will start at 5 €/hour and 48 €/day. You will always see the final price of your rental session before you confirm your booking.

If you have unused positive balance on your old EkoRent account, we will transfer that balance to your new EkoRent 2.0 account. If this applies to you, please contact our customer support at info@ekorent.fi.

Wishing you a happy summer,
EkoRent team