Nopea Smart City

Transportation of tomorrow requires smart solutions

Rapidly growing cities need modern solutions to provide transportation for their populace without causing traffic congestion and compromising air quality. With Nopea Smart City solution, we can do much more with less.

EkoRent team is one of the leading experts in providing clean transportation solutions. Our Nopea Smart City service helps city planners design transportation systems that do not rely on privately-owned vehicles that will block the roads, and ruin the city environment with noise and air pollution.

We specialize in

  • Electric vehicles and batteries (soon launching V2X pilot)
  • Combining renewable energy with smart mobility solutions
  • Charging station planning based on collected data
  • Smart taxi hailing solution software and proven business model
  • Anonymized transportation data gathered from vehicle sharing and taxi hailing services
  • Vehicle sharing solutions for both companies and private customers