Shared vehicle service for corporations

What is a shared vehicle service?

We deliver shared electric vehicles for housing companies and construction companies. Electric vehicles are a modern and economical way to provide a private transportation option for employees both during and outside working hours.

Our service is easy to use for the employees, because booking and renting can be done with just a phone, and they don’t need to refuel the vehicle before returning it. We also automatically collect the kilometres driven for each trip for tax reporting purposes.

The employees do not pay for work-related driving, but only for their private driving. The client corporation pays a monthly fee, which is the lower the higher the usage rate. The client can optionally choose to open the service for outsiders (other than employees), which further increases usage ratio and lowers the monthly fee. You as a client decide the times when the vehicle can be used for work-related driving and when it can be rented by a non-employee.

All-inclusive service

If you want an all-inclusive shared vehicle service, we deliver! Our service optionally includes the following components:

    • Electric vehicles and compatible, optimized charging stations, along with their installation
    • Easy-to-use and handy web-app for booking and using the vehicles
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Car washes, tyre changes and annual maintenances
    • Usage reports on per-vehicle and per-user basis for taxation and further developing the service
    • Training session and printed manuals
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