Sharing economy platform for vehicles and spaces

Sharing economy platform

EkoRent owns a platform, an online calendar booking system, that allows sharing things such as vehicles and spaces with others. Just select the type of thing you want to access, pick suitable rental date and we will show you what is available.

Part of our solution is hardware for sharing keys to products and services. We collaborate with a smart keybox provider to bring you a modern way of sharing keys in a safe and secure manner, without any internet connection requirements.

Our hardware and platform are interconnected, and the rentee will receive a one-time keycode for opening the keybox from the web platform when their “rental session” begins.

Finally, our solution is pre-integrated with a secure payment service and enables customers being charged for products and services using bank or credit cards.

Online calendar booking system features

  • Register with email and phone number
  • Select type of use (private use or company use)
  • Select time range of use
  • Generate keycodes for opening the keybox
  • View your history of rental sessions
  • Pre-integrated with a secure payment service

Keybox solution features

  • Smart keybox that uses one-time keycodes
  • Online connection not required