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Shared EV Solution


Shared Electric Vehicles reduced private cars by 48 %!

Over 300 users responded to our survey (March 30 - April 18)

One of our main goals is to reduce the number of expensive, inefficient and space-occupying private cars in cities by replacing them with on-demand electric cars. The number of private cars indeed reduced among the respondents after they joined the service. Rental vehicle users reported a reduction of 14 % in the number of owned cars. Users of our shared vehicle services reported that the number of their private cars reduced by almost half, a staggering 48 %. This is a strong indication that our service facilitates the transition from private vehicle ownership to shared vehicle use.

In addition to reducing the number of owned cars among the respondents, the respondents also reported a reduction in the need to own a car. Almost one half (48 %) of rental vehicle users reported that they now have less need for their own car. Among the shared vehicle users this number was almost 80 %.

The respondents value the fact that our cars are emission-free. 90 % of rental vehicle respondents and 86 % of shared vehicle respondents reported that they would rather use an electric car than a conventional car. Among the rental vehicle respondents electrification is an almost critical feature: 43 % of respondents would consider not using the service if the cars had an internal combustion engine.

Our shared vehicle respondents are very satisfied with the service, and reported increasing the number of shared vehicles as the most significant improvement: 94 % of shared vehicle respondents reported that having more vehicles would improve the service, while 53 % reported that this would improve the service significantly. This improvement was considered more important than, for example, longer range and free charging at all charging stations! Among the rental vehicle respondents there was more spread in the areas to improve, but over half (54 %) of the respondents reported that having the service station closer to home would improve the service significantly.

We are very delighted and proud of the responses we received to question "How would you rate the EkoRent service in general?". Out of 5 stars, our score was above 4! Thank you! We aim to improve our service, and for this reason your responses are very important to us. The winners amongst the respondents have bees drawn, and they are:

Mänttäri N.
Ågren D.
Mäntysaari M.
Kaitosalmi J.
Holma M.


Thank you again for all the responses, and have a nice Spring!


P.S. Sometimes human mind just can not cope with the speed of development. Here's a funny reminder of that :-)

EkoRent is the leading company in Finland to offer affordable, easy-to-use, zero-emission car rental and sharing services. All our vehicles are 100% electric and completely CO2 emission free. Shared and rented EVs contribute to better, cleaner city air, and also save money for its users. Additional bonus of using EkoRent service is the good feeling achieved of making an eco-friendly decision.