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EkoRent news 8/2016

Greetings EkoRent owners and service users!

July 2016 was the best month for EkoRent so far. Big thank you to all of you in believing in our shared and rented EVs, and trying and using EkoRent service. Without you we could not have done it. Thank you!

Number of EkoRent members exceeded 1700 in July. Our mission to offer affordable and emission free transportation to more people has been well received, and I feel our customers share our values and appreciate the services we offer today.

Rent events were booming in July. Compared to last year we recorded +294% more events, and to June 2016 we recorded +45% more events. By the end of July, we also passed the total amount of rent events compared to whole year 2015 (+36%). 


Growth in rental events can also be seen in our sales. Compared to July 2015, our sales grew by +327%, and to June 2016 by +37%. As was the case with rent events, also our sales passed year 2015 sales already by the end of July 2016 (+31%). 

So in overall, as we have witnessed already earlier this year, we saw very strong growth in July. Last year, our best Summer month was August. It will be exciting to see how August 2016 will perform. With our existing capacity, we can still improve our performance, but if the sales continue to grow with the same rate as so far (on average 13,5% per month since 1/2015, and 32,7% per month since 1/2016), we will start adding more capacity by the end of this year. And if the sales continue to grow with the current pace, our monthly results will be positive by the end of the year as estimated earlier. 

Changes in our service terms and rules 

Over 99% of our customers return the vehicle after renting it to the same location they fetched it from. Renting our cars from place A and returning it to place B can cause problems to those who can not return the vehicle to where it was fetched from. One-way rentals, that only very few use, cause us money in extra parking spots, having to transport the vehicles across the town, and in worst cases lead to parking tickets. In order to continue renting our EVs with the low prices we offer, we have decided to abandon one-way rentals. This policy will be adapted starting on August 15. 

Have a great rest of the Summer,

EkoRent is the leading company in Finland to offer affordable, easy-to-use, zero-emission car rental and sharing services. All our vehicles are 100% electric and completely CO2 emission free. Shared and rented EVs contribute to better, cleaner city air, and also save money for its users. Additional bonus of using EkoRent service is the good feeling achieved of making an eco-friendly decision.