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Shared EV Solution


EkoRent teams with ParkMan

Exciting news from the world of ParkMan! We have established cooperation with car rentals. We’ve recently partnered up with EkoRent in Finland and Green Mobility in Denmark to together strive for great customer experiences and more sustainable cities. 

Working in cooperation with ParkMan, rental companies are able to offer a time-saving and effortless parking experience for their customers. Whether renting a car in a familiar city or a completely unknown location, it’s easy to find a parking space through the ParkMan app’s map interface and to pay directly with smartphone without having to drive around, use coins or even step out of the car. 

EkoRent's electric cars are taking over the streets in Finland

The electric cars rented by the Finnish company can be booked directly via the EkoRent app, picked up at the nearest location, and returned without a prior notice. The cars can be charged for free at any electric car charging station.



EkoRent has made the usage of electric cars an effortless, low-treshold option, and now it's even simpler because parking can be found and paid for directly through the ParkMan app

What's more, parking with an electric car can be significantly cheaper. The Finnish capital Helsinki, for example, encourages the usage of low emission vehicles by offering a 50 % discount for parking.

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