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Shared EV Solution


Shared Electric Vehicle service to Tampere!

EkoRent and community builder Setlementtiasunnot Oy to an agreement

EkoRent and community builder Setlementtiasunnot Oy have agreed to bring the shared electric vehicle service to Härmälänranta, Tampere. The housing block under construction will promote human-centric city planning, more communal living, as well as eco-friendly and sustainable transportation.

Shared electric vehicle service enables more affordable living, since the expensive car parking spots are utilized more efficiently. In the shared resident spaces of Härmälänranta there are many possibilities for common activities and the new shared electric vehicles will allow putting the needs of the residents at the forefront. Saving in the parking construction costs enables residents to meet each other and socialize around the shared services offered to all residents.

We are very happy that Setlementtiasunnot Oy selected the EkoRent service and sets a pioneering example in how sustainable city living is developed. We hope that private car-reducing effects of shared vehicles continue to be considered in the planning of new residential buildings. In our opinion, city living would be best served if city plans encouraged zero-emission transportation. This would develop both living and transportation into an energy efficient and sustainable direction.

Area residents will get access to the EkoRent service after the Härmälänranta block constuction is complete, estimated by the end of 2018.

With sunny regards,

EkoRent is the leading company in Finland to offer affordable, easy-to-use, zero-emission car rental and sharing services. All our vehicles are 100% electric and completely CO2 emission free. Shared and rented EVs contribute to better, cleaner city air, and save money for its users. Additional bonus of using EkoRent service is the good feeling achieved of making an eco-friendly decision.

Setlementtiasunnot Oy is a social ARA real estate developer founded by Suomen Setlementtiliitto and Kalliolan setlementti in 2000. Setlementtiasunnot owns 21 houses, 1 100 rental apartments and 400 right-of-occupancy apartments in six cities. Their newest block, Jätkäsaari Sukupolvienkortteli, was awarded the ”best ARA-square metres of 2017” recognition. The next communal multi-generation apartment buildings will be finished in Kruunuvuorenranta in Helsinki in 2018, Sompasaari in Helsinki in 2019, Kalasatama in Helsinki in 2019, Kupittaa in Turku 2018, Penttilänranta in Joensuu 2018 and Härmälänranta in Tampere in early 2019.