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Shared EV Solution


This Easter you can ditch your broom!

Ever wondered what EV stands for?


EV, that is commonly thought to stand for Electric Vehicle, now means Easter Vehicle. Ditch your broom and test ride EkoRent EV during the Easter with a special price:

Only 68 euros from Thursday to Saturday (2 April 13:00 - 4 April 13:00). Active users pay 58 euros*.

Only 88 euros from Saturday to Tuesday (4 April 15:00 - 7 April 8:00). Active users pay 68 euros*.

After you return the car your card will be charged normally and difference in renting price credited to your account.

Tip of the week. If you consider a longer ride out side of the city, you can check that the ABC Quick chargers on your route are functioning before heading out using this link:

Have a nice Easter!

*Offer valid for members that have been Active users at least for a month.